I photograph, so you can see the beauty of your story .

Your story may not be styled to perfection, your home may be a mess, and your dinner/career/time-management may leave something to be desired.   Your story though, it's still breathtaking.  Lifestyle photography reveals to you the gorgeousness of your life.   Your children, your mess, your everyday are incredible.  Life is not staged or perfect.  Life is real and real is stunning.

You are so surrounded. Surrounded by mothers all striving to give life our all.  We are working in and outside the home. We are balancing motherhood, isolation, careers, and relationships. We are single, married, thriving, and crumbling.  We are in this together and we support each other.  We all need to know our normal, unexciting life is lovely.  

Lifestyle photography captures your lovely story.  This season is fleeting and investing in photography allows you to capture a glimpse for both you and your children.  From senior portraits to newborn sessions, Danielle Geri Photography strives to use award-winning photography to document your here and now.

Danielle Geri Long of Danielle Geri Photography Photographs in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is based in Buffalo, MN

Danielle Geri Long

My relationship with photography started out innocently enough.

We were just friends, sure we flirted a little, but our relationship was one of convenience.  Photography and I spent time together only when I wanted to.  A girl, however, can only resist for so long.  Before I knew it, photography’s handsome features and charming complexity had more than simply captured my interest.  I found myself head-over-heals in love.

I found myself striving to make mothers cry.  It sounds horrible, I know. Hear me out.

I long to provide parents with photos that truly capture their children. When I look at my kids, I see sweetness, stubbornness, innocence, personality, beauty, and the babies I love more than life itself.  When I catch other mothers staring at their children at a session, I know they feel similar emotions as well.

It thrills me to deliver photos that move a mom to tears, because those tears mean we did it. We captured her son exactly as she sees him. We captured her daughter just are she is every single day in her mother’s eyes.  She sees it, feels it, and it’s beautiful. These family photos are more than marking a milestone; they are capturing a brief moment in time.

Using a combination of lifestyle and documentary photography, I delight in delivering swoon-inducing sessions.  From newborns to seniors, each child and family is entirely unique and I strive to capture the season for you.


Danielle Geri Long

Among top Minneapolis photographers, Danielle provides award-winning lifestyle photography to capture stories of clients all over Minnesota. Danielle Geri's heart often longs for the bustle of the Twin Cities,  while still savoring a little country life just outside Buffalo, Minnesota.  Danielle and her husband, Ryan, are raising two feisty red-headed children and attempting to reign in frequent over-committing, so they can do important things (like see each other and watch Netflix).  Photography, once a creative outlet, has become a career they both love at Danielle Geri Photography.

As one of Minnesota’s premier lifestyle photographers, Danielle love picture-taking in Minnesota's Twin Cities.  Specializing in In-Home Documentary Lifestyle Photo Sessions, she gets a little giddy every time I leave home for lifestyle photo sessions.  Telling the unique story of each client, forming new relationships, and pouring myself into every lifestyle session delights her. She is continually grateful Ryan takes on much of the business-y activities of Danielle Geri Photography, so she can focus on photographing her clients well.   Contact us for information on availability, or hang out here for a little while and get to know her and the amazing things/people she love.