Where to Order Christmas Cards

Where I am Ordering Christmas Cards

I love Christmas cards. Yes, a needless expense. Yes, your family doesn’t always look like that perfect photo you selected. Yes, I probably already am aware of everything you carefully wrote for your little newsletter/update/whatever-you-call it.  Yes, I’m sure it took one million minutes to manage the addresses. I don’t even care.

These holiday cards are taped up for us all to stare at for months.  Then, the kids play with them for more months. They are carefully tucked away (in the trash) right before the next year’s cards begin to grace our mailbox.

Every year clients and friends alike ask me where to print their cards. Due to time constraints, I’m unable to offer professionally printed greetings this year, so I am giving you the company I think offers the cutest cards.

TinyPrints (or Shutterfly)


11/15/16 EDIT: These are amazing!!!  I ordered my cards Sunday, paid for the slowest shipping and they were waiting on my front step on Tuesday.  The coloring was MUCH better than I expected!  I would order through TinyPrints again for cards again hands down. They are obviously not near the quality of my professional lab, but pretty darn nice.

Honestly, not my favorite for photo quality, but TinyPrints has super cute graphic design options.  Foil and glitter and all things festive cover their site!  I'm swooning over so many my indecisiveness will make me late to the mailing game, so I'm just going to go ahead and apologize in advance for that. I can't stop browsing the gorgeous options!

Please note: The link for Shutterfly & Tiny Prints is an affiliate.  If you order using the link, you’ll help me pay for things like postage for my own Christmas cards and I so appreciate it!  (Free Holiday Cards?  I’m dreaming big here.) These labs can be used for birth and graduation announcements as well if you are an awesome planner.

Please and thank you, my wonderful friends!

Danielle Geri Long

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As one of Minnesota’s premier lifestyle photographers, Danielle love picture-taking in Minnesota's Twin Cities.  Specializing in In-Home Documentary Lifestyle Photo Sessions, she gets a little giddy every time I leave home for lifestyle photo sessions.  Telling the unique story of each client, forming new relationships, and pouring myself into every lifestyle session delights her. She is continually grateful Ryan takes on much of the business-y activities of Danielle Geri Photography, so she can focus on photographing her clients well.   Contact them for information on availability, or hang out here for a little while and get to know her and the amazing things/people she loves.

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