When Pants No Longer Fit

[Twin Cities, Minnesota]

Both hands on the wheel, and images of naked ladies with uteri on display scampered through my mind.  Textbook illustrations demonstrated how women’s bodies accommodate a growing human and, according to Lowdermilk & Perry’s “Maternity and Woman’s Health Care,” my pea-sized, Precious Unborn Tornado was tucked nicely inside my still almost normal-sized uterus.  Natural changes of pregnancy were satisfying to dwell upon for approximately seven minutes.

Suddenly, tears threatened to ruin fresh mascara. The freeway needed to end, so I could inform my already-well-informed nursing-peers what horrible things a woman’s body does when and entire person grows inside of her.

My tears weren’t for unyielding baby-weight around the buttocks region from carrying Precious Already-Born Tornado, nor the delightful labor and delivery lingering a mere summer away.  No, Sister, an expanding uterus stood far more concerning - an organ which escapes my anxious mind on any normal day.

But today was not a normal day.  Today was the day a healthy internal organ, functioning exactly as designed, induced nightmares.

Retrospectively, perhaps my uterus-related meltdown was smidge dramatic; if not dramatic, at least irrational. More rational concerns would have been weight gain, stretch marks, varicose veins, sagging breasts, growing feet, and ever-loving stitches - true trophies of pregnancy.

Can we be honest though? We worry about our bodies and have since well before pregnancies, slowed metabolism, or lifestyle changes (I’m looking at you, Career) changed how our pants fit.  We invoke magazine advice, miracle diets, promising exercises, and celebrity secrets to address the flatness of our stomachs, hind-ends, and chests.

What a waste.

Daily, our astoundingly complex bodies allow us to do incredible things. We eat, digest, walk around, use thumbs, sleep, drink, be merry, jump, think, breathe and exist – often simultaneously.  Some of us enjoy the privilege of growing people inside of us.  (“Enjoy” might be strong word, but despite intensely unkind feelings toward pregnancy, I am declaring it “a privilege.”  So many struggle through infertility.) And we are worried about how our swimwear fits.

Today, let’s choose to be thrilled with our bodies. I am deciding to be grateful for splendidly functioning shoulders and less-than-perfect-but-not-terrible knees.  And, while my body displays marks of motherhood, I would give my body tenfold for these children if required. Merely by existing, your body performs countless processes beyond our comprehension.

You are stunningly complex and look marvelous.  Forget about old pants and scale numbers. Be healthy, walk around, and find peace with your body – despite imperfections.

 And, while my body displays marks of motherhood, I would give my body tenfold for these children if required.


Danielle Geri

Hello, Friend, I’m so glad you’re here.  I tried to write a professional little blip in the third person for this very location and failed.  Miserably. Repeatedly.

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