Internet Fails | Ask the Photographer 2 | Give-away [Twin Cities, MN Photography]

Internet Fails | Ask the Photographer 2 | Give-away [Twin Cities, MN Photography]

Apparently, I am just full on empty promises.  Chances are, you have not kept stellar track of my Internet failures, so allow me to fill you in on just two.  I’m pretending there are merely two. Follow me on Pinterest if you would like to delight in pretty photos of additional things I intended to do, but JUST NEVER EVER WILL.

Internet Fails

Ask the Photographer | Part 2

In my last “Ask the Photographer” post, I assured you I would address which lens I recommend.  I get asked about this almost as often as I get asked if we are going to have another child.

In response to the latter: No, I am not pregnant. (You can just stop asking anyone that confidence boosting question). No, we have no more biological babies in our plans. Yes, I have heard redheads are/could-be/possibly/maybe going extinct.  Yes, I am aware we make babies with red hair. No, this does not make me feel personally responsible for the survival of this stunning hue. Thanks for the concern.

Now, shall we?

I would HANDS-DOWN recommend a cheapo F/1.8 50mm lens for some one who is just starting out.  Canon and Nikon both make similar options. This lens does not zoom.  You have to get your pretty little-hiney right out of your chair and move closer or farther from your subject.  Which should be totally fine, because lying on the floor, contorting yourself into odd positions in the corner of a room, or precariously balancing on swivel stools results in the most delightful photos.  Since it doesn’t zoom, it is called a prime lens.

A zoom lens is more convenient, and I do use them (along with my primes) for sessions now.  I love the ability get the same moment from two different perspectives with just a flick of the wrist.  This is not necessary, however, and primes are pretty spectacular.  My adventure back into the world of zoom is both fairly recent and fairly expensive.

The reason I recommend this particular lens all comes down to money, Honey.  If you are a hobbyist photographer just venturing into manual mode, this pretty little prime-baby will serve you well for around $100.  Ten thousand pennies is by far the least expensive lens you will add to your collection.  Sure, if you want to photograph weddings or professional family photo sessions, you need to spend much more.  But really, are you doing to do that? Photography is not an inexpensive hobby, so watch your wallet as you venture forth into picture-taking.

There are other factors to consider when you are purchasing lens and I would encourage you to do further research if you have more flexibility in your budget and are diving into photography more seriously.


The second, and significantly more exciting fail includes getting free things.  LIKE EARRINGS.  These beauties are from Noonday Collection, an ethical company providing dignified employment for women all over the world. And they go with EVERYTHING.  Win-win.

These Amazonia Earrings are handmade in Peru and retail for $52.

Hand-cut shell discs and semi precious stones in tropical hues hang from hammered sterling silver.
— Noonday Collection
Photo courtesy of Noonday Collection 

Photo courtesy of Noonday Collection 

Aren't they just GORGEOUS!?!

Photo courtesy of Noonday Collection

Photo courtesy of Noonday Collection

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