When You Just. Can't. Pinterest. {Buffalo, Minnesota Professional Photography}

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My Dark Cloud

Before I even considered having a second child, I saw an idea on Pinterest for some distressed signs.  Gorgeous.  And “super simple” according to all the lovely bloggers who are creative and magnificent individuals.  When I was hardly pregnant with my daughter, probably a year later, I finally made it to Monticello's Home Depot to pick up the wood necessary for my “really easy” signs.  This only happened, because Amanda told me exactly what I needed.  Exactly.  Then, when I was pretty darn pregnant, I finally roped my husband into pulling the saw down and cutting lumber for me.  (I know, as a female, I am capable as using a saw.  I am not capable, however, as a person).  We moved them to the basement, where I was going to paint some deep and sentimental quotes on each piece.  Every time my children walked past those signs, they would be encouraged.  As adults, they would look back on their childhood and remember how much those sentiments resonated with them in every season of their growing-up life.  Flash forward to this very second.

Alexa is eight months old and the wood is in the fire pit.

For approximately two years, this project was a cloud hanging over my otherwise manageable life. For two years I DREADED having to figure out what to do next.  During this time, I fashioned and disliked multiple other signs.  Also during this time, my creative and magnificent friends crafted gorgeous things for their homes.

I now purchase crafty things from people who craft.


My attitude toward crafting lines up remarkably with some people’s attitude about photography.  They bought the stuff and know they want to take good photographs, but now photography lingers in the back of their mind like homework.

Together, Ladies, let us all LET IT GO.

I love love love taking pictures and messing with editing.  I love learning more about photography.  Sometimes I hate the outcome.  Unlike other crafting, I can let those not-so-great photos go and enjoy the rest of my camera-filled moments.  If you cannot let it go, if getting those perfect monthly portraits is filling up your to-do list, be done.  Our messy, beautiful, stressful days require so much energy.  Let’s not waste our precious time with things that unnecessarily overwhelm us.

With that said, learn to take your own quality photos if you enjoy it.  IF YOU ENJOY IT.  If you don’t actually find delight in it, FORGET IT ALL TOGETHER.  My mantra for crafting.  Photography is the very same way.  If you love it, do it.  Learn, practice, and mess with your camera. In every photo you will find new challenge and those fabulous images will mean so much to you. If you are freaking out, give it up.  Your phone will get photos that you can enjoy.  When you look back in 30 years (if you PRINTED the pictures) at your ridiculously adorable children, you will not be worried about the white balance.  Especially because you got professional pictures as well – you smarty pants.

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