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My reflection led me right to my biggest fear. What if I am so excited to see them, I will forget about taking pictures and just talk about which station is now airing Mindy Project and who the Gilmore Girls should end up with? This is a real concern.  My actual nightmare is an entire photo session of no photos.  How will I explain that to my loved ones who trusted me to photograph their story? Will they hate me forever? How embarrassing!

Minnesota’s Lifestyle and Documentary Photograph, Danielle Geri Photography is based just outside the Twin Cities near Buffalo, MN. Contact at 763-670-7657 or Danielle Geri

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Leah, Dan, & Baby | Lifestyle Maternity Photography | Twin Cities, Minnesota

I could hardly wait to meet my own little man, and then I wanted to PUT HIM RIGHT BACK.  Newborns are a lot of work - but so stunningly precious.  And oh, that time is so brief.  Once I decided I did indeed prefer him outside my own body, parenthood became the most beautiful, difficult, rewarding, messy things I have ever done.

Contact Danielle Geri Photography at 763-670-7657 for more information on lifestyle photography in Minnesota. As a Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer in Minnesota and based ouside Buffalo, MN, Danielle Geri Photography picture-takes exclusively in Minnesota.  Specializing in Lifestyle photography and providing Newborn, Maternity, Child, Family, Senior, and Wedding photography to the Twin Cities, Central MN, Minnesota’s Metro and West Metro. Areas served include, but are not limited to, Buffalo, Maple Lake, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Woodbury, Plymouth, Andover, Wayzeta, Big Lake, Otsego, and Wilmar, MN.

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Missing the Photograph or Missing Motherhood?

Meandering down the road, the baby quietly content in the stroller and her big brother pushing his stuffed bunny in my old doll stroller.  Everything about this moment is marvelous.  All I can think is, “I wish I had my phone.”  Why?  Because grandma’s would die to see this moment.  Instagram clearly needs to display this adorableness for the entire world to see. My disappointment that I could not share this picture via technology rocked me.

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Newborn & Family Photography [Buffalo, Minnesota] - August

Nine months later, I am able adore this newborn.  It took nine months for me to recover from my own little Baby Cakes - to truly LOVE holding a teeny tiny person.  Now that I no longer am up six times a night, I am able to look at this woman and not hate her.  Why would I hate such a sweet and kind individual?  After delivering a child in the last week, sleeping one hour the previous night, and getting everyone ready for photos, she looks GORGEOUS.  But I don't hate her.  I promise.   I might be a little jealous of how fabulously she is pulling this having-a-baby-thing off.  Maybe.

Danielle Geri Photography is based out of Buffalo, MN and specializes in Professional Newborn Photography, Senior Portraits, Family Pictures, Child Photos, Maternity Sessions, and Engagement Photos.  Danielle Geri Photography serves Minnesota, including, Buffalo, Maple Lake, Plymouth, Maple Grove, Albertville, Rockford, Waverly, Cokato, and Coon Rapids.  CONTACT me for more information- I would love to hear from you!

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Children & Family Photography [Buffalo, Minnesota] - Chase One-Year Portraits

I cannot believe Chase will be celebrating his FIRST BIRTHDAY this week!  He was JUST a baby.  What a privilege to snap some pictures of this kid in beautiful weather.  Perfect day for one-year and family photos in Buffalo, Minnesota.

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When You Just. Can't. Pinterest. {Buffalo, Minnesota Professional Photography}

If you don’t like it, forget the subject.  My mantra for crafting.  Photography is the very same way.  If you love it, do it.  Learn, practice, and mess with your camera. In every photo you will find new challenge and those fabulous images will mean so much to you. If you are freaking out, give it up. 

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Getting the Most from a Newborn Photo Session {Buffalo, Minnesota Newborn Photography}

Upon your Precious Bundle's arrival, you may find yourself drowning in information and advice.  Some of this could be your own doing (perhaps that eighth book on caring for a newborn was a little much).  Often, the information is cherished advice from loved ones who have been there before.  Then, of course, the Random Stranger makes an appearance with piles of helpful constructive criticisms (that's what I'm calling it) of countless ways you could be a better parent.  Professional newborn photography based in Buffalo, Minnesota.

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Pretend {16/52 Buffalo, Minnesota Professional Family Photography}

 I swear to you, I could watch this kid play all day.  When I say “all day,” I actually mean for about five minutes.  Whatever he is imagining generally either ends in five minutes or appears to start over.  Either way, I’m over it and want coffee. Professional lifestyle photography for children and families based in Buffalo, MN.

My family photo project in Buffalo, Minnesota.

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