How to Keep Your Resolutions [Minneapolis, MN Lifestyle Photographer]

Lifestyle Photography in Minnesota

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As a Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer photographing exclusively in Minnesota, Danielle Geri Long specializes in Lifestyle photography and providing Newborn, Maternity, Child, Family, Senior, and Wedding photography to Central MN, Minnesota’s Metro and West Metro. Areas served include, but are not limited to, Buffalo, Maple Lake, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Monticello, Dassel-Cokato, Andover, St. Louis Park, Big Lake, Monticello, and Wilmar, MN.

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5 Simple Steps to Managing Life [Buffalo, MN Lifestyle Photography]

Danielle Geri Photography is based out of Buffalo, Minnesota and provides infant, newborn, child, family, senior, lifestyle, maternity, and wedding photography for Minnesota.  Including, but not limited to, Buffalo, Monticello, Maple Lake, Plymouth, Andover, Dassel-Cokato, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Otsego, Hanover, and Big Lake, MN.

Five steps, as promised. Brace yourself for some life-changing wisdom.  Wisdom not for the drowning individual, but rather, the person just a tad behind.  The person trying to juggle it all, but ends up watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine instead of being productive.

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Buffalo, Minnesota Family Photography [Mom-Guilt]

Danielle Geri Photography provides family photos, senior pictures, newborn photography, maternity sessions, child photos, infant photography and is based out of Buffalo, Minnesota.  As a photographer in Minnesota, Danielle Geri Photography will travel to most of this spectacular state. Locations include, but are not limited to, Buffalo, Maple Lake, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Dassel-Cokato, Otsego, Rockford,  Plymouth, and Andover, MN.  Contact Danielle Geri Photography to learn more about photo sessions.

Will my son be a lunatic all because that time I yelled at him? Ginormous things are going on in this crazy world, and I am losing sleep over that time I lost my temper at my kid for swallowing that half tube of toothpaste.  Poison control says he will be fine by they way.

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Missing the Photograph or Missing Motherhood?

Meandering down the road, the baby quietly content in the stroller and her big brother pushing his stuffed bunny in my old doll stroller.  Everything about this moment is marvelous.  All I can think is, “I wish I had my phone.”  Why?  Because grandma’s would die to see this moment.  Instagram clearly needs to display this adorableness for the entire world to see. My disappointment that I could not share this picture via technology rocked me.

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When You Just. Can't. Pinterest. {Buffalo, Minnesota Professional Photography}

If you don’t like it, forget the subject.  My mantra for crafting.  Photography is the very same way.  If you love it, do it.  Learn, practice, and mess with your camera. In every photo you will find new challenge and those fabulous images will mean so much to you. If you are freaking out, give it up. 

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Are We Really Working Too Hard? { 20/52 Minnesota Photography}

Spreading mulch no longer has such allure.  I no longer wake up (every. single. morning.) asking to shovel woodchips.  Getting to flush the toilet no longer brings what can only be described as pure joy.

Buffalo, Minnesota Professional Lifestyle Children and Family Photography.

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My Dear Daughter {19/52 Buffalo, Minnesota Photography}

Baby girl, there just isn’t enough of this “time” thing.

Dedicating you this week, I paused.  You are EIGHT MONTHS OLD.  Daily (hourly, really) you assure me you of your infancy.  You cry for a bottle, to be rolled over, for faster spooning of baby-food from bowl to mouth. I spend so much time helping you through babyhood, I forget to appreciate it.

Professional lifestyle photography based out of Buffalo, Minnesota.

So many “firsts.”  So many “lasts.”

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