Super Big News! [Minneapolis, Minnesota Family & Lifestyle Photography]

Two Truths and a Lie:

I love all my children equally.

I love all my photo sessions equally.

I love this photo session.

As a Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer in Minnesota and based in Buffalo, MN, Danielle Geri Photography picture-takes all over perfect state of Minnesota.  Specializing in Lifestyle photography and providing Newborn, Maternity, Child, Family, Senior, and Wedding photography to Central MN, Minnesota’s Metro and West Metro. Contact Danielle Geri Photography at 763-670-7657.

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Children & Family Photography [Buffalo, Minnesota] - Chase One-Year Portraits

I cannot believe Chase will be celebrating his FIRST BIRTHDAY this week!  He was JUST a baby.  What a privilege to snap some pictures of this kid in beautiful weather.  Perfect day for one-year and family photos in Buffalo, Minnesota.

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Are We Really Working Too Hard? { 20/52 Minnesota Photography}

Spreading mulch no longer has such allure.  I no longer wake up (every. single. morning.) asking to shovel woodchips.  Getting to flush the toilet no longer brings what can only be described as pure joy.

Buffalo, Minnesota Professional Lifestyle Children and Family Photography.

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Project 52 {17&18/52 : Buffalo, Minnesota Family Photography}

As we continue this year, I continue Project 52.  Lucky for you (since I know you were waiting at the edge of your seats), this post has TWO weeks worth of photos. Can you possibly think of something more wonderful?  Perhaps a glimpse into my most recent newborn session could top this, or maybe a fancy latte would be slightly better, but apparently today is just not your lucky day.  Buffalo, Minnesota Professional Family Photography.

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Pretend {16/52 Buffalo, Minnesota Professional Family Photography}

 I swear to you, I could watch this kid play all day.  When I say “all day,” I actually mean for about five minutes.  Whatever he is imagining generally either ends in five minutes or appears to start over.  Either way, I’m over it and want coffee. Professional lifestyle photography for children and families based in Buffalo, MN.

My family photo project in Buffalo, Minnesota.

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