Super Big News! [Minneapolis, Minnesota Family & Lifestyle Photography]

Two Truths and a Lie:

I love all my children equally.

I love all my photo sessions equally.

I love this photo session.

As a Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer in Minnesota and based in Buffalo, MN, Danielle Geri Photography picture-takes all over perfect state of Minnesota.  Specializing in Lifestyle photography and providing Newborn, Maternity, Child, Family, Senior, and Wedding photography to Central MN, Minnesota’s Metro and West Metro. Contact Danielle Geri Photography at 763-670-7657.

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Children & Family Photography [Buffalo, Minnesota] - Chase One-Year Portraits

I cannot believe Chase will be celebrating his FIRST BIRTHDAY this week!  He was JUST a baby.  What a privilege to snap some pictures of this kid in beautiful weather.  Perfect day for one-year and family photos in Buffalo, Minnesota.

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My Dear Daughter {19/52 Buffalo, Minnesota Photography}

Baby girl, there just isn’t enough of this “time” thing.

Dedicating you this week, I paused.  You are EIGHT MONTHS OLD.  Daily (hourly, really) you assure me you of your infancy.  You cry for a bottle, to be rolled over, for faster spooning of baby-food from bowl to mouth. I spend so much time helping you through babyhood, I forget to appreciate it.

Professional lifestyle photography based out of Buffalo, Minnesota.

So many “firsts.”  So many “lasts.”

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Getting the Most from a Newborn Photo Session {Buffalo, Minnesota Newborn Photography}

Upon your Precious Bundle's arrival, you may find yourself drowning in information and advice.  Some of this could be your own doing (perhaps that eighth book on caring for a newborn was a little much).  Often, the information is cherished advice from loved ones who have been there before.  Then, of course, the Random Stranger makes an appearance with piles of helpful constructive criticisms (that's what I'm calling it) of countless ways you could be a better parent.  Professional newborn photography based in Buffalo, Minnesota.

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