When You're No Longer Fruitful

Let’s consider what would happen if your apple tree attempted to produce fruit throughout the year.   Just imagine what would happen if your lovely tree thought to itself , “This winter, people will really need me.  This year, I don’t need to take care of myself.  It would just be selfish to move from vibrant and producing to dormant when the individuals around me are so hungry for my fruit.  They have so much going on their lives, so now isn’t the time to stop providing for their needs. Plus, they could get mad. And I would never want to disappoint anyone.”

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How to Take Care of Your Family

Once upon I time, in a far away land called St. Paul, lived a girl.  The girl took care of herself, as all good girls do.  She purchased raspberries and ate the whole carton by herself, she cooked entire meals (including vegetables!) despite the fact she would be the only person partaking in them, she went for runs just to feel good, she took vitamins, she slept a normal amount each night, and she even participated in things which delighted her.

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