Summer Love [Monticello, MN Children and Family Photography]

Buffalo & Monticello Photographer

Never has a winter seemed so long, nor a summer so sweet.  Like every Minnesotan, I love me some warm weather.  This year, however, sun and outdoors seem all the better.  Why? Children.  More specifically, a lovely and active toddler.  WINTER WAS SO FREAKING COLD. Buffalo, Minnesota generally does not overflow with indoor activities. Perfect Parent, try not to judge too harshly. Our household watched its fair share of television. Most of it was educational (and none of it was Dora - my head would have exploded) in case you were wondering.

Summer finally made a glorious appearance.  Thank the Good Lord.  We have had such fun the last week on play dates and running into friends.  I cannot even tell you what a blissful event heat has been.

We enjoyed this heat by going to a softball game at the park where this little lady was hanging out.  "Park," not "playground." A playground would be far too incredible.  Instead, we chase children around, and bribe them with deliciousness.

The baby-cakes screamed a bit (an insane amount), but I believe she deserves her photo, her moment, her time in the spotlight.  So, in all her lady-like beauty, I give you The Baby.

To make things even more amazing.  HALF-OFF ICED LATTES. Which randomly brought us all to the same park.  Kids play, moms have coffee, get a few pictures - nothing could be better. 

Spontaneous play date was followed by sprinkler fun.  The kid was terrified of sprinklers last year, so what a pleasant surprise to see him plow through them.  I have no photos of the complete toddler strip down.  Take my word for it, the sight was hilarious and adorable.  Do it while you can with your children, you'll thank me.  

I sincerely hope you are making your own family fun this summer.

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