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You settled on a camera.  You forked over the big bucks.  You have it on “Auto.”

Comfortably shooting in auto will undoubtedly leave you with a few photos you are love.  Occasionally, your camera will just nail it.  Your portrait will have the blurred background, your subject will be in focus, the exposure will be spot-on, and the white balance (the what???) will be glorious.  When I say “occasionally,” I mean about one time.  And oh, how you will LOVE that photo.  Endless compliments will flow until you are sure you are top notch and your child (friend, family, dog, random tree in your yard – fill in the blank) clearly ranks as the most photogenic kid (friend, family, dog, tree) in the ENTIRE WORLD.

After this glory pours in for some time, you will decide there must be way to get that quality more consistently.  How do you do that? Excellent question, my friend.  Enter the universe of “Manual Mode.”  You love me and hate me at this moment.  I have just opened your lovely eyes into a world of possibilities.  My dear, YOU have the power to take those photos, not your camera. 

Manual mode allows to you to catch that perfect photo.  Portraits can be taken by your DSLR in all situations.  You can get that perfect lifestyle shot whenever your camera is nearby.  It takes practice, but you will can have the ability to get stellar photos consistently. Balancing all the dynamics of manual mode can easily discourage you initially.  Please do not give up! You can get there.  You can capture those shots once reserved for professionals.  Impressive portrait and lifestyle photography rests at your fingertips.  Especially if you decide to take on the challenge of editing.

One thing at a time, you ambitious soul.

So many people have asked for advice.  Friends, you own fancy-pants cameras and are unsure where to start.  Perhaps my limitations are the very reasons lovely people want advice.  Perhaps my relative newness in this field makes you comfortable chatting with me about it.  I LOVE THIS.

Let’s do this journey together.

A month-long challenge sounds fabulous to my list-making personality. I purchased an e-book I would highly recommend for those with a DSLR camera,   but are hesitant to leave auto mode.  Upon starting my photography life, I did not purchase this.  Oh, how I wish I did.  You will not regret it. Beginners, this book is designed for you and can be found at the link below. 

I look forward to starting my month of photos and you should too!  I’m attempting one photo a day, but do this at your own pace.  Learning should be FUN. Ask questions. If you are thinking them, someone else likely has the same ones.  To the best of my ability, I will answer them (or point to you an excellent resource).

All my love, 


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