My Dear Daughter {19/52 Buffalo, Minnesota Photography}

Week 19: TIME

Baby girl, there just isn’t enough of this “time” thing.

Dedicating you this week, I paused.  You are EIGHT MONTHS OLD.  Daily (hourly, really) you assure me you of your infancy.  You cry for a bottle, to be rolled over, for faster spooning of baby-food from bowl to mouth. I spend so much time helping you through babyhood, I forget to appreciate it.

So many “firsts.”  So many “lasts.”

Your time for dedication came this week.  This precious moment when we stop to say, “You are His.”  You were entrusted to us and we will put on our best parenting face for you.  Daily, we will try to teach you what matters.

You are beautiful. You were made by a God who makes wonderful things.  Every bit of you is loved and gorgeous in every way.  This is a hard one, Dear Daughter.  I imagine you will spend many an awkward year doubting this truth with every bone in your body.  Honestly, I am not quite sure this struggle every completely ends.  It does get better.  You will get through that terribly weird DECADE of insecurity.  We all just carry-on, survive, and eventually you start to realize you are worth it, just the way you are.

You cannot do anything you put your mind to, but you can do most things.  How will you ever know where your limits are, if you do not push them?  You will spend much of your childhood pushing the boundaries I set (I find this fact super fun), so do not stop when you reach adulthood.  God has plans for you beyond your wildest imagination.  Shoot for your dreams.

Changing your dreams is not only okay, it is so good.  While striving to be a doctor, you can get distracted by starting a family.  Or not. While getting your degree, you can drop it all and head oversees.  Or not.  Life is going to be a mess, but it is your mess.  And God’s mess. Roll with it.

There is so much I want to tell you, so many lessons I want to spare you from.  One thing remains the most important.

God LOVES you.  Madly, deeply, truly.  No matter what you do or don’t do.  You are His.

Precious Baby-Cakes, remember that final piece.  As I live life with you, I am sure my list of things that matter will change and grow.  We will muddle through this life together.  There will probably be days when we both break down in tears, but we can rest in the grace of His Great Love.  Despite the clear parenting flaws already making themselves known, your dad and I will give this child-rearing business our all.  But we are not enough.

So we dedicate you to our Precious Savior. 

Children's Photography Minnesota, Buffalo

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