Pretend {16/52 Buffalo, Minnesota Professional Family Photography}

He was walking his stuffed monkey around the sides of his crib.  Monkey was even interacting with other stuffed creatures using little one-year old jabber.  Clearly, monkey was addressing an urgent matter.  Bear then joined in on the action.

This went on for what seemed like ages.  I will never forget that moment, the first time I caught our little man playing pretend.  I watched until he fell asleep.

Flash forward to a few months ago, Parker told me he was fishing from his boat (the Costco-sized diaper box) and stood for me to bait his hook.  I swear to you, I could watch this kid play all day.  When I say “all day,” I actually mean for about five minutes.  Whatever he is imagining generally either ends in five minutes or appears to start over.  Either way, I’m over it and want coffee.

Recently, our little joy (I’m calling him “little joy” right now because I am alone, wait an hour and ask me what endearing term I’m calling him) surprised us with his Super Grover impression.  We haven’t watched Sesame Street since Despicable Me made its way into our home.  Yet, one day, he leaned on his stool and yelled, “Super Grover!”  For those of you not in the sesame-street-season of your life, P-man is referring to “Super Grover 2.0 - he shows up.”  This flying routine has saved his life a couple times in the last few weeks.  God must have made children adorable as a survival mechanism.

Conveniently, last week’s theme for Project 52 was “Pretend.”




4- Window Light

5- Routine

6- Special

7- Everyday Activities

8- Love

9- Blue

10- Familyness

11- Morning

12- Evening

13-  Makes Me Laugh

14- Freebie

15- One-on-One

16- Pretend

My childhood was packed full of pretend play, so watching Parker start this season really melts my heart. Read all about Project 52.  Start your own!  It’s never too late to start capturing those moments.

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