Getting the Most from a Newborn Photo Session {Buffalo, Minnesota Newborn Photography}

Buffalo Minnesota Newborn Photographer

Upon your Precious Bundle's arrival, you may find yourself drowning in information and advice.  Some of this could be your own doing (perhaps that eighth book on caring for a newborn was a little much).  Often, the information is cherished advice from loved ones who have been there before.  Then, of course, the Random Stranger makes an appearance with piles of helpful constructive criticisms (that's what I'm calling it) of countless ways you could be a better parent.

RELAX.  Do your best and let it all go.  Newborn craziness is beautiful and brief.  You are likely to exhausted to enjoy it anyway, so no use adding stress.  You are surely a fantastic parent.

With that said, perhaps you have considered newborn photos.  You, Lovely New/Expecting Parent, do not need another item added to your exhausted life.  I have compiled some tips to make a newborn photography session as smooth as possible, but if something on this list is freaking you out, just let it go.

Preparing for your Newborn's Photos : Buffalo, Minnesota Photography

  1. Contact a photographer with your expected due date.  Danielle Geri Photography serves Minnesota's west metro, is based out of Buffalo, MN and can be reached at 763.670.7657 or
  2. After you Little One arrives, contact your photographer again.  We want to get those sleepy newborn photos between 4 and 10 days old.
  3. In an ideal world, your baby will be sleeping when the session starts.  This means baby would be eating as the photographer arrives or even immediately before.  Full tummies hopefully mean sleepy babes.
  4. Newborn sessions take time. Babies do not respond well to rushing (if you have not learned this yet, you will). Plan on at least two hours for a full newborn session. Beautiful Babe will likely need to eat again during this time, which provides another opportunity to get those sleepy photos if we missed them the first time!
  5. Solid clothing photographs best.  Typically not matching exactly, but complimentary.  Choosing postpartum clothing is about as fun as swimsuit shopping, so do not stress!  Wear something you feel stellar in and it will be perfect.  (This STRESSED ME OUT after my second.  Not worth it.)
  6. Let your photographer know if you want anything special included (blankets, toys, hats, heirlooms) or any specific shots.
  7. Relax! 

Number seven is most important.  If you adhere to none of these tips, adhere to seven.  We will get fabulous photographs.  Try to enjoy this short and exhausting time.!

Minneapolis Minnesota Professional Newborn Photographer
Minneapolis Minnesota Newborn Photographer

Buffalo, Minnesota Professional Newborn Photography

Danielle Geri Photography is based out of Buffalo, Minnesota.  Newborn snuggles are pretty much the best thing ever, so contact 763.670.7657 to book your session or information on pricing.

Tips to get the most ADORABLE photos of your precious gem.