My Favorite Photo Shoot [Buffalo, MN Lifestyle & Family Photography]

Buffalo, Minnesota Lifestyle and Family Photographer

My Alexa's One-Year Photos

Everyone told me when I became a mother, I would feel a new and deeper love than I could ever imagine.  As it turns out, feelings are slightly unreliable.

I deeply loved my son.  I loved him with a I-would-run-into-a-burning-building kind of love, but such a love is not an love exclusive to motherhood.  I remember thinking that I felt exactly the same way toward Peanut, a darling little girl I was a personal care attendant for while I was in school.  I felt about the same toward my newborn, my first-born, my son, as I did toward Peanut. Certainly love, just not the drastically unique connection I expected. As the days, weeks, and months rolled by, a more intense love took over.  My heart's subtle progression to motherhood was almost unnoticeable.  Until I had Alexa.

Her big brother had already shaped me into a mama.  Mama's have some big feelings.

When Alexa was born, the love was fierce.  From the moment they put my newborn baby in my arms, I found myself captivated.  Never, have I felt so quickly taken by anything. That was one year ago, and I cannot believe how quickly this precious year has flown by.

(If planning on taking your own child's one year pictures, it would be easier to have another adult with you. You know, to pull the jacket out the his or her mouth and what not.  Just in case you were wondering.)

Maple Lake, MN Lifestyle One-Year Photos

I adored almost every moment of doing my own child's one-year photo shoot!  We wandered around our home in Maple Lake, Minnesota to get some lifestyle photos.  My favorite thing about taking photos in your own home, is that even the photo's location tells a story.  You can look back at your portraits and say, "That was grandma's back yard." "That was my high-school."  "That was your nursery!"  Another reason I love being a lifestyle photographer.

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