On Comparison

Some women run marathons, cultivate killer careers, maintain peaceful homes, commit well to relationships, parent consistently, and still create space for personal hobbies and relaxation.  These women can often be found doing magical things: enjoying cooking, volunteering, reading books, completing DIY projects, and being well informed of current events.

I am not one of these women.

Thankfully, as adults, our maturity lifts us above frivolous comparison.  We never wonder how she marvelously wears 87 hats while our meager few keeping slipping.  We never wonder if our doings are valuable, abiding, or enough.

A bit ago, I composed a list of values in our home.  Hiding in a journal somewhere rest dreams for my precious people.  Occasionally, I page through worn sheets and breathe.

When holding myself against a yardstick of another person, I forget my uniqueness. Reading through my dreams and priorities is a comfort akin to crawling under a familiar blanket on a chilly day.  I am not striving for accomplishments or success. My priorities are not to be fittest, busiest, or craftiest. While those are admirable, they are not my things.

My things feel more average, slower, and personal.

In light of this shocking revelation, I reclaim my breathing space.  Time for walks, coloring, reading, and playing is mine. Our lives are not a race to do the most and I am no longer filling each second with new commitments or time-wasters.

Less social media, more being social.

Less over committing, more fully committing.

Less article skimming, more book reading.

Less constant news coverage, more classic literature.

Less worrying about parenting, more getting to know my children.

Time to stop comparing yourself and recognize your uniqueness.  I am not your yardstick, nor are you mine. In a world of distractions, we each must determine our own priorities and fight in protection of them. Your family, circumstances, and personality are all yours, so take a deep breath.

Settle yourself under your own familiar blanket.


Danielle Geri Long

Among top Minneapolis newborn photographers, Danielle provides award-winning lifestyle photography, telling stories throughout Minnesota. Danielle often longs for the loveliness of the Twin Cities, while savoring country life just outside Monticello, MN.  Danielle and her husband are raising two delightful kids and attempting to reign in frequent over-committing, so they can do important things (like see each other and watch Netflix). 

Danielle Geri Photography, St. Cloud, MN
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