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Every time I photograph a newborn, I’m shocked at the itsy-bitsyness of the little one.  Despite having two of my own children and frequently photographing other newborns, the size of the little humans consistently surprises and delights me.  I mean, seriously, this little man was INSIDE of his gorgeous mama a week ago. It never stops being amazing!

Additionally, watching new parents become a family of three has developed into one of my favorite aspects of newborn photography.  I know it. I know the feeling of being pretty much independent, to being at the whim of aforementioned tiny newborn.  Some parents appear a bit overwhelmed and I relate best to these moms.  As a newborn-mom basket case, I feel kindred to the moms who appear to have temporarily lost themselves in their new role.

See this gorgeous new mom below?  She was definitely not the mess I was and feel so tender toward.  In fact, she rather had it all together and looked completely amazing despite all she just did and continues to do for her newborn.  But, WE LOVE HER ANYWAY, because she is sweet, kind, and incredible. She is that superhero we can all count on to give us hope.

Don’t even get me started on their gorgeous St. Paul, MN house.  My word.  I could just envision bringing a newborn home there and raising a family in the stunning home.  I adore my house and adore living outside Buffalo, but goodnessgracious I love dreaming about a St. Paul life in the city.  In-home lifestyle photography caters to my various Minnesota-living daydreams.

Can you just appreciate this all with me?

St. Paul, MN Newborn Photography

Danielle Geri Long

Among top Minneapolis newborn photographers, Danielle provides award-winning lifestyle photography to tell stories throughout Minnesota. Danielle often longs for the loveliness of the Twin Cities, while savoring country life just outside Monticello, MN.  Danielle and Ryan are raising two delightful kids and attempting to reign in frequent over-committing, so they can do important things (like see each other and watch Netflix).  Photography, once a creative outlet, has become a career they both contribute to at Danielle Geri Photography.

As one of Minnesota’s premier lifestyle photographers, Danielle love picture-taking in Minnesota's Twin Cities.  Specializing in In-Home Documentary Lifestyle Photo Sessions, she gets a little giddy every time I leave home for lifestyle photo sessions.  Telling the unique story of each client, forming new relationships, and pouring myself into every lifestyle session delights her. She is continually grateful Ryan takes on much of the business-y activities of Danielle Geri Photography, so she can focus on photographing her clients well.   Contact them for information on availability, or hang out here for a little while and get to know her and the amazing things/people she love.

Danielle Geri Long, Minnesota Newborn  Lifestyle Photographer
Source: www.DanielleGeriPhotography