Husband of the Year. [Buffalo, Minnesota Family Photography]

Buffalo, Minnesota Family & Lifestyle Photographer

I love my family, my children, motherhood, routine.  I girl, however, could use a little break.

I mean, currently I'm feeding the baby.  She will not eat a DANG THING, but she does enjoy merely playing with the spoon.  Yes, she is mostly happy.  Yes, I have a generally healthy child.  Yes, I have plenty of food to fill her tiny belly. Yes, I really cannot complain.  But. . .

Moms, you know what kind of melt down I will enjoy in approximately five seconds when she is beyond hungry, because she chose to play with the freaking spoon.  Reason number 87 I HATE SOLIDS. Give me a baby and bottle anytime over this slow mess of baby food.  And I made the baby food.  I saved a a few bucks by pureeing her meal, but it kills me a little more to see it go to waste.  I understand it's less expensive and the teensy tiny bit of food going to waste is a minuscule amount when you consider the gross amounts wasted in this world. But, Dear Child, don't you realize this is CSA goodness you are letting go to waste???

Thanks to my lovely husband, father of my red-headed children (who kindly let me play photographer on this entire little Minnesota adventure), I got my relaxing change-up.  Because when your wife is losing her mind over a cup of wasted baby-food, you need to do something.

In the amount of time it took me to die on a little run around Buffalo on a crazy-hot day and shower, he had a suite at this little B&B booked and the kids packed for Andover, Minnesota to spend the night at my parents. Bless him.  See the cutsie little photo of the sign? The entire place was that adorable.

This is literally the key to our suite.

He even had the adorable sweet owner have roses and a delicious wine in the room.  Which I, of course, photographed.

Eventually, Ry just started handing me my camera when he could tell something struck me as to-die-for.  Despite the paparazzi photographer wife following him around, this man has been incredibly supportive in my photography adventure and business start-up in Buffalo, MN.  Could not love him more.

The B&B owner recommended this darling restaurant in Taylor's Falls, Minnesota.  We hiked a bit and enjoyed a delicious meal there.

We returned to the bed and breakfast to cookies in our doorway - this woman knows the way to my heart.  Countless games of Yahtzee followed dinner.  Actually, I can count.  I won five and tied one.  I am pretty fantastic at games that require minimal strategy and success basically depends on chance. 

We woke up to coffee right inside our suite door.  Let me rephrase that, we woke up to the SMELL of coffee. Bliss.  Then the hubs handed me the camera and let me take a photo without even having to get out of bed.

And, shockingly, breakfast at our bed and breakfast.  Delicious.  And delivered.  No baby demanding a bottle.  No two-year-old melting down, because he wants peanut butter toast and nothing else will suffice. Well, these things could have been happening, but they were happening in Andover, MN and not my responsibility.  Heavenly.

Every now and then, you need to inform the world of your man's wonderfulness.  This is one of those times.  Thank you, Ryan, for a beautiful break.  And thank you, grandparents (both Andover and Dassel sets) for all the love you shower on our children and the freedom you allow us when you watch them.

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