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Photographing close friends and family reduces me to a pile of nerves.  You would think the knowledge that they love me no matter what would make photo sessions anxiety-free.  I tell myself that as I’m photographing their adorable children, newborns, or seniors as well.  Inwardly, I’m screaming at myself, “THIS IS SO MUCH FUN. YOU LOVE THIS. THIS IS AS RELAXING AS READING A GOOD BOOK BY A FIRE.” The sweet relief as I edit photos and put together a lifestyle session I love and take pride in reveal my self-induced stress.  A huge weight is lifted when I pour over images of children I adore and cannot wait to show their mom.

I’ve dug deep in attempt to identify what exactly makes me such a crazy person, because in introspection is the key to change.  (I just made that up, but I think Dr. Seuss would agree with me and when you have a preschooler, Dr. Seuss is the highest authority.)

My reflection led me right to my biggest fear. What if I am so excited to see them, I will forget about taking pictures and just talk about which station is now airing Mindy Project and who the Gilmore Girls should end up with? This is a real concern.  My actual nightmare is an entire photo session of no photos.  How will I explain that to my loved ones who trusted me to photograph their story? Will they hate me forever? How embarrassing!

Thankfully, the opposite is always true.  Despite the fact that my mind is a bit divided (because obviously, Luke and Jess), I end up adoring these lifestyle photo sessions more than usual when I’m photographing family and friends.  This has come as quite a shock to me, because I feel a ridiculous love toward every single session I do.  I pour my heart into each photo session and each client.  Delivering final images always feels vulnerable.  But, when I love photos and I already have loved the subjects for years, it makes delivering the lifestyle session all the sweeter.

Anyway, a big thank you to Molly and Shaphan for allowing me to photograph your family in the beautiful Minnesota fall!

Buffalo, Minnesota Lifestyle Photography

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