Missing the Photograph or Missing Motherhood?

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Meandering down the road, the sits quietly content in the stroller and her big brother pushes his stuffed bunny in my old doll stroller.  Everything about this instant is marvelous.  And my dominating thought remains, “I wish I had my phone.”  Why?  Because grandmas would kill to see this moment.  Instagram clearly needs to display this adorableness for the entire world to see. My real disappointment in missing that photo op rocked me.

How much of motherhood am I missing as I attempt to invite others into these precious instances?

How much of life passes me by as I post with my phone?

Something has to give. I watch my son running his mini-stroller down the road, his toddler butt still waddling.  That little waddle will soon transform completely into the run of a little boy. I breathe it all in.  My heart is full.

Small changes in my life are occurring.  Nothing drastic needed.  To appreciate and bask in the perfect moments is primarily an alteration of my own mindset.  From now on, I will live my life.  My moments.  My loved ones.  I will still invite the world in sometimes via technology, but not every moment.  I want to be present.  When my daughter giggles over a new noise she learned to create, I want to giggle with her.  When my son asks me to chase him, I do not want to feel like he is interrupting something important.  Something important like an email, text, IG, Pinterest, Facebook, or any other time thief.

So here I am.  Living life.

Lest I give you the impression of perfection (or something else utterly ridiculous) – the walk ended with my son running away into a 55mph road, his mother chasing after him like a lunatic, and a sobbing mess of a toddler strapped into the stroller for the entire walk home.  While I pushed a double stroller.  Down a gravel road. With one hand. And carried his doll stroller with the other.  Lovely and truly Instagram worthy, I promise.

Since this is a photography blog, I figure I should invite you into a few moments.  Photography Project 52 catch-up.  Drum-roll, please.

Buffalo MN Professional Photographer

Week 24: Reminder

This beauties grew in our woods and my darling hubby picked them for me.  It might have been because we had a house showing and these look fabulous on our table.  I choose to believe the flowers having nothing to do with impressing prospective buyers, but rather are because he loves his wife oh-so-much.

I selected this photo for reminder.  This beautiful bouquet grew in nature - fighting the odds.  And they had some odds to fight.  Poison Ivy once surrounded  this bush - they survived two springs of weed-killer and a hefty amount of digging.  After the storm of my wonderful husband killing the ivy, these bloomed.  How intricate, beautiful, and resilient God formed these flowers.  The same God wove us.

Week 25: Summer

No explanation needed.  A picture of a kiddo in the summer in St. Cloud, MN. My kiddo. Loving life.

Monticello Minnesota Professional Lifestyle Photography, Yahtzee

Week 26: Games

As previously posted, a surprise weekend  to Center City, Minnesota away involved plenty of games. He knows the way to my heart, I tell you.  Also, I won 5/6 games that evening.  The last one WE TIED.

Week 27: Freedom

Fourth of July with family in Dassel, MN and decked out.  Celebrating our freedom and appreciating those who served and have served that we may have it.

Week 28: Yummy

My baby-cakes loves her cheerios.  I have approximately  one-million photos of my first-born child eating in his high chair.  I have about four pictures of this baby eating.  Poor kid.

Buffalo MN Lifestyle and Family Photographer

Week 29: Yellow or Green

A. I love this photo, so it must be included.  He's watching Daddy and Grandpa on a ladder outside.

B. He is wearing a yellow shirt.

It's not creative, but I'm saying it works.

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