We are Discontent [Minnesota Lifestyle Photography]

Minneapolis, Minnesota Lifestyle Photography.

Dreams-fufilled become burdens; exactly what we thought we wanted, begins to grate our nerves.

We prayed for children as we wept over sticks bearing only a single line, and crumble under the relentlessness of parenthood's responsiblities.

We dreamed of our job as we sealed and sent countless resumes, and work-stress threatens to overcome us.

We hoped for a home to call our own, and undone chores cloud our vision.

We longed for community to break through our loneliness, and broken relationships cut us deeply.

Today, we become intentional.

Intentional about hugging our sons.

Intentional about playing with our daughters.

Intentional about working hard, despite hardships.

Intentional about appreciating our warm homes.

Intentional about loving broken people.


Our floors are full of food, so are our children's stomachs.

Our jobs are unappreciated, but we are not.

Our homes aren't perfect, but they are ours.

Our wounds hurt, but so do theirs.

Our lives might not actually be better.

If we were married.

If we were single.

If we has children.

If we didn't have children.

If we has more friends.

If we had different friends.

If we stayed home.

If we worked outside the home.


Today I hold my children a little tighter, kiss my husband a little longer, reply to emails as my inbox fills, throw in a load of laundry as clothes pile up, and call life good. This thing we call a "balance" will forever remain an allusive idea.  We will never be perfectly content with what our world is offering, because we were made for more.

We rest in hope. In peace. In grace.

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