How to Keep Your Resolutions [Minneapolis, MN Lifestyle Photographer]

How to Keep Your Resolutions. . . Until You Get Tired [Minneapolis, MN Lifestyle Photographer]

New Year’s Resolutions.

For a month (week) or two we manage to wake up earlier, hit the gym more frequently, or keep our lives more organized.  During our peak motivation, we swell with pride and accomplishment.  Look at us go. You know what? You’re right; we are pretty amazing, aren’t we?  Why yes; yes, I do have my life in order.  Of course, I would love to tell you how to get your life as spiffy as mine.

Then February hits like a swift punch to our ego.

We begin to feel a tad inadequate; which it probably fine, because we sound slightly ridiculous in the above paragraph. Geez, get take it down a notch.

By the time March comes, we find one of three things occurring.

  1. “What? A resolution? I’m not sure what that word means.  Are you sure you’re speaking English?”
  2. We are holding on, but barely.  Each time we miss our goal, we feel a bit like we missed a deadline.
  3. We have formed a new habit.

The third one has never happened to me.

“Project 52,” my 2014 baby, ended at 30-some weeks.  In an attempt to take a photograph every week in accordance with a prompt, I stressed out.  Feel free to mock.  I became legitimately overwhelmed with taking pictures of my own children.  TO BE FAIR, Danielle Geri Photography was being birthed.  (While I found the birth of a company far less painful than the birth of a child, starting your own business still entails more work than I anticipated.)  As you can assume, I am less interested in a Project 52 this year.

Nope, I want to do a Project 365. 

Not to worry, somewhere along the line, I realized the insanity this would cause both me and my children who do not love my camera quite as much as I do.

My 2015 resolution has evolved into a “Daily Photo Project Until I Get Tired of My Daily Photo Project.”  We can call it “DPPUIGTOMDPP.”

Rolls right off the tongue, eh?

I will be taking photos with my fancy camera and possibly posting them, but probably not.  You can use your own fancy camera, your phone, or anything in between.

Care to join me?

I long to be challenged, learn, and grow as a photographer, while capturing a piece of my story.

Where do you find your motivation?

Come on – it’ll be fun. Additionally, you can stop whenever you get tired of your Daily Photo Project.  Taking photos should be fun. One of the many advantages of participating in a DPPUIGTOMDPP.

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