Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! [From a Snow-less MN]

"Simplify the Holidays" they say.

Everywhere I turn, a well-intentioned, serene, and wise individual reminds me of the importance of simplifying this holiday season.  Yet, everywhere I turn, I am given no practical suggestions.

Thank you, World.

Regular life and regular problems are still happening. People still need food. Gifts still need to be wrapped.  Children still need to play outside in the quickly dissipating snow. To top it off Darling Acquaintances riddled me with sweet gifts and greeting cards I am unprepared to reciprocate.

That’s when it hit me.  Reciprocation isn’t always required.  I can receive a gift and say, “thank you so much.”  I can even (wait for it) send them a thank-you card in the ACTUAL MAIL.  When you give someone thoughtful little gift, are you pining away to see what they come up with to send your direction?  If I give you something, it’s because I thought of you and wanted to give you a gift.  Never, would I want my gesture to increase your holiday anxiety.   In fact, I will feel terrible if I can tell you went out of your way to find something just because something fell in my lap that screamed your name.

Maybe, other people are just being kind too.

My method for “simplifying the season” is to say “thank you” more often, to feel loved, to express gratitude, and to let go of my internal obligation to reciprocate every kind gesture that comes my way.

What about you? What cookies can you not bake? What gifts can you not give? What tradition can you not do?

We are in the final stretch - the last moments – stop at Target and get every single thing you could need and then let the chips fall where they may.  If Target doesn’t have it, you don’t really need it this week.  Promise.  Kiss your kids, pour a glass of red, say “thanks,” and let Christmas come without allowing yourself to panic.

Merry Christmas.

Now turn off this technology and enjoy your day.

Danielle Geri

Hello, Friend, I’m so glad you’re here.  I tried to write a professional little blip in the third person for this very location and failed.  Miserably. Repeatedly.

I’m Danielle.  Delivering photos to clients that accurately capture their story in beautiful photographs makes my heart sing.  And, while I enjoy photographing my own children, I love getting away to shoot lifestyle sessions around Minnesota or hunker down in my office to write.  My husband, children, and I live our beautifully messy lives outside the Twin Cities and I wouldn’t trade it.   Contact me if you are looking for a Documentary or Lifestyle photographer for your family, senior, or newborn. I accept limited sessions, but would love to get your more information. 

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