Finding Balance in a Planning World

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You guys.  Do you have any idea how many planners there are out there? And if you've been on Instagram for more than five seconds, you have probably stumbled across some stunningly beautiful planners intended to help you prioritize and manage your day each and every day.  A whole page ready for you to list-make, encourage, and make notes awaits you fresh each morning.  People wide and far rave about these beautiful (albeit pricey) planners.  They have the lovely mission statement of helping you balance your life.

Yet, I’ve discovered detailed planners throw my life into a horrible imbalance.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good calendar as much as the next girl/business-owner/photographer.  In college, syllabus day was basically my favorite.  An entire evening of pens and highlighters mapping out my next few months and new lists ready to be marked off was my perfect evening.  Throw a little Pride and Prejudice in the background and I was one happy student.  (And, obviously, a quite popular one.)

While receiving my most recent planner was delightful, I’ve realized the most important things don’t ever get put on the calendar.  My lovely photo clients fill each page of my planner.  With hearts and highlighters, I know when each lifestyle session will take place and all of the communication that needs to be sent before and after. And don’t even get me started on marketing plans.  I have all my commitments outside the home written in ink, so I can be reliable in all areas of life. Except one.

My children don’t get put on my calendar.  My perfect lists don’t remind me to color with my son or read to my daughter. My planner prioritizes everything over motherhood.  As a photographer and mama, there is an odd balance that needs to be struck, and rigidly planning life with toddlers is maddening.  Nannies cancel, ear infections disrupt the day, and no one naps if you have something important to do without childcare.  But not to worry, I found a solution.


Each morning, I make a list of what I hope to accomplish (nanny or not). Each evening, I throw it out. No long lists that keep getting longer; just an, “Oh well, I missed that today!”  I find the unimportant things just vanish with the note.  Life doesn’t fit nicely into predetermined categories and playing with my kids often feels unproductive if I’m living in Planner World.  We all need to relax and remind ourselves that dancing to Veggietales for the fourth time in one day is important.  Maybe the most important thing we do.

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