DSLR for the Family Photographer, Buffalo, MN

Making family photography decisions can be difficult.

I know family photography can be a daunting, yet fun adventure for the amateur.  Purchasing your DSLR camera is your first step in children’s photography, but an aspiring photographer cannot stop there.  In fact, if you choose to stop on “Auto,” a point-and-shoot camera of some quality may be a better purchase. For the individual ready to delve into the terrifying world of “manual mode,” an entry level DSLR stands as an essential purchase. You can purchase them anywhere, even from your living room in good ‘ol Buffalo, Minnesota.  DSLR cameras are available for virtually every budget.  The professional photographer, will spend thousands on a camera body alone, yet the curious beginner can start to learn how to shoot manually with a few hundred dollars or even a high-quality point-and-shoot.

First, you have a BIG decision to make.  Brand, baby.  The general debate rests between Nikon and Canon, but there are other options.  Honestly, I know almost nothing about the other options.  I asked around to professional photographers around Minnesota about which route to take and these two names consistently topped the list. Canon won for me.  Why? I have no idea.  Most people I know use Canon.  Reason enough? Probably not. When you leave quant Buffalo, Minnesota and enter the giant world of internet information, you can drown in all the camera options.  And lens options. And flash options. And software options. And equipment options. IT WILL BURY YOU.  I don’t like feeling buried, so I just picked one.

Bam. Decision made.

Now, as I shoot for Danielle Geri Photography, am I happy with my canon decision? Sure.  I haven’t used a Nikon much.  When I did, it felt crazy weird to maniplute.  Will I always use a Canon? You ask some great questions, internet people.

Once your photography equipment is purchased, you feel fairly committed.  There are options.  I could switch.  Yet, I kind of fell in love with my Canon. I believe I have found myself stuck with it.  This lens collection I’m building is hardly free and using my new camera for children, newborn, family, and senior photography - it feels just blissful.  I think my marriage with Canon will last.  We shall see, Internet People.  We shall see.

Make the jump and don’t look back.  Jumping into DSLR can be scary, but I promise you will be okay.