Christmassy Twin Baby Girls [Buffalo, MN Family Lifestyle Photographer]

Anoka, Minnesota Professional Family Lifestyle Photographer

Every person ever loves two things: Babies and Christmas.

Well, almost.

A few of you grown-up-loving Grinch-esque individuals will stumble across these photos, so shield your eyes from the adorableness threatening to brighten your day.   Don’t say I didn’t (say I didn’t) warn you.

You’re welcome for getting some Taylor running through your head.

Abby and Lewis make some pretty dang cute kids.  I was THRILLED to be invited into their home for family Christmas pictures!  I have been creepily Facebook stalking Abby since she had these lovely babies and she has been accommodating by generously sharing photos of her girls.

Have you fallen in love with Lifestyle Photography yet?  Sessions like this stand out in my mind.  We get to use photography to capture a glimpse into a first Christmas.  By photographing in this family’s Anoka home, Abby and Lewis have photos truly showing what life looks like right now. 

Not to mention, Lifestyle sessions allow for a bit more relaxation. Abby and Lewis didn’t have to pack up not one, but two, babies and haul them through our Minnesota winter.   You can wait to wake up or feed your children until the photographer is at your house, reducing the planning involved in what already can be an overwhelming event – family photos.

Abby had adorable outfits already set out (three!) and the girls were just ANGELS.  She wrapped a box as well, which I find impressive.  My standard gifts already look a tad shabby; wrapping a topless box must require marvelous skill.

Merry Christmas, World.

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