Chase Nine-Months {Buffalo, Minnesota Infant and Kid's Photography}

Maple Lake, Minnesota Child Photographer

Post an external-drive catastrophe, many of my photo's required re-editing.  Honestly, losing my work did not turn out as horrific as I anticipated.  In fact, reworking photos with less pressure turned out to be enjoyable.  Since I have come to the conclusion I will always be behind with managing my personal pictures, I focused only on other's photo sessions.  Catching up will be similar to finishing that final turn paper.  Chase's session stands between me and such sweet accomplishment.

Truly, Chase cannot be faulted.  He cannot help his OVERWHELMING ADORABLENESS.

Pretty much every picture I snapped of this baby was usable.  He just stared at me with those big blue eyes and chubby cheeks and now I am drowning in stunning photos.  And out session was merely a mini-session.

But I am freeing myself.  This photography post contains the baby photos I am currently loving the most.  Do not be surprised if Chase makes a reappearance in the future with another batch of photos.  He has got to be nearing a year old at this point, so I'm just selecting the most darling pictures of this kid.

One more quick thing.  I love this kiddo's mom.  She is basically one of my favorite people.  The end.

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