Maternity Photography || St. Cloud, MN

Speaking of which, I hope this newborn comes so soon, because lifestyle newborn sessions top my photo dream list.  Emotions swirl those first few weeks as you vacillate from thrilled to be holding your baby to desperately craving sweet sleep.  Being a small part of such a precious time is an honor I do not take lightly.  Inviting someone into your home during the newborn season is vulnerable, but I am beyond grateful for clients continually trusting me and welcoming both me and my camera into their space.

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Monticello High School Senior Photos

Once upon a time, a photographer thought taking pictures of babies was the best ever.  She adamantly believed she would never ever enjoy photographing big kids (ahem, total adults) as much as she loved taking pictures of all the babies.   She MIGHT have been wrong.

Danielle Geri Photography is based outside Minnesota's Twin Cities and specializes in lifestyle photography of newborns, families, children, and seniors. Contact us at or 763-670-7657.

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When Pants No Longer Fit

 Today, let’s choose to be thrilled with our bodies. I am deciding to be grateful for splendidly functioning shoulders and less-than-perfect-but-not-terrible knees.  And, while my body displays marks of motherhood, I would give my body tenfold for these children if required. Merely by existing, your body performs countless processes beyond our comprehension. . . Forget about old pants and scale numbers. Be healthy, walk around, and find peace with your body – despite imperfections.





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Mom, Take Care of Yourself

Once upon I time, in a far away land called St. Paul, lived a girl.  The girl took care of herself, as all good girls do.  She purchased raspberries and ate the whole carton by herself, she cooked entire meals (including vegetables!) despite the fact she would be the only person partaking in them, she went for runs just to feel good, she took vitamins, she slept a normal amount each night, and she even participated in things which delighted her.

And, while I enjoy photographing my own children, I love getting away to shoot lifestyle sessions around Minnesota or hunker down in my office to write.  My husband, children, and I live our beautifully messy lives outside the Twin Cities and I wouldn’t trade it.   Contact me if you are looking for a Documentary or Lifestyle photographer for your family, senior, or newborn. 

Danielle Geri Long - (763)670-7657

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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! [From a Snow-less MN]

"Simplify the Holidays" they say.

Everywhere I turn, a well-intentioned, serene, and wise individual reminds me of the importance of simplifying this holiday season.  Yet, everywhere I turn, I am given no practical suggestions.

Thank you, World.

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Tara + Rob Lifestyle Photography | Andover, MN Family Photography

"We all hope our children will be kind.  While intensely long for my children to be spared from bullying, I desperately hope they are never the bully.  We hope our children will be kind to the lonely child, respectful the adults, and welcoming to the new kid."

I adore being Minnesota's family lifestyle photographer, because I adore Minnesota.Contact Danielle Geri Long at 763-670-7657.As a Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer in Minnesota and based in Buffalo, MN, Danielle Geri Photography picture-takes all over perfect state of Minnesota.  Specializing in In-Home Lifestyle photography and providing Newborn, Maternity, Child, Family, Senior, and Wedding photography to Central MN, Minnesota’s Metro and West Metro. Areas served include, but are not limited to, Buffalo, Maple Lake, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Andover, Dassel-Cokato, Woodbury, Maple Grove, St. Michael, Otsego, and St. Cloud, MN.

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