I Complain. [Buffalo, Minnesota]

I get to enjoy this gorgeous sunset, while others are enslaved.

Week 21 or Project 52's them is color.  Just in time for this sunset.

Week 21 or Project 52's them is color.  Just in time for this sunset.

We complain about whether babes should or should not get various vaccinations, while other parents watch their children suffer and die from entirely preventable and completely treatable diseases.

I complain about ANNOYING mosquitoes, yet I can go inside, purchase bug-spray, use fancy candles, spray some crazy fog, and utilize countless other methods to prevent these obnoxious pests. Parents elsewhere cannot even afford mosquito nets to protect beloved littles from malaria.

I complain about being tired because I stayed up far too late and a kiddo woke up far too early.  Their long days are 20 hour days, 7 days a week.

I complain about having no food in our house, while my cupboards are full of food.  Others are living on just enough to keep them alive enough to perform endless labor.

I complain about weeds, while others are sleeping on dirt.

I complain about my job, but I can quit.  They get beaten to death for even attempting to leave.

I complain about Everest-sized pile of paperwork required to sell a house.  Some cannot even obtain paperwork to state they actually own property.

A child is raped in East Coast school and our country is (justifiably) outraged.  School is too dangerous for their children.  Even IF their daughters could get an education, they must decide if the regular and routine risk of being raped is worth it.

I have the luxury of complaining about a day filled with diaper changes, while other mothers long to just hold their children.

I can complain about my justice system, but it requires me to be proven guilty.  Prisons all over the world are filled with individuals whose only offense remains the inability to afford to bribe officials or a pay a lawyer. Innocent prisoners do not even have enough room to lie down and their families lose everything.

I complain about my everyday life, while other men and women suffer in a living Hell. All day. Everyday.

What am I going to do with my incredible privilege?  What am supposed to do now?  Why am I in such a luxurious position?  I encourage you to order a copy of The Locust Effect.

Be prepared for a difficult read that will rock your comfortable foundation.

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