Lessons From the Zoo. [Buffalo, MN Family & Lifestyle Photographer]

Have you taken your littles to the zoo?  Yes, of course you brought them to such a kid-friendly place.  And it went fabulously?  Oh good!

Our trip did not.  Oh, it could have gone worse.  Screaming, flailing, sobbing loveliness happened on that trip.  We learned things, though.


1. Learn about Dholes.

Or whatever semi-dark and a semi-quiet quiet exhibit you can find.  Not only will the baby eat MUCH better than when you tried to feed her on a bench surrounding by yelling children, but you get the enlighten yourself on Dholes.  You may not have had the privilege of reading about these wild dogs while your infant drank the slowest. bottle. ever.  Allow me to summarize - Dholes are incredibly mean.  Wouldn't have guessed.

2. Embrace Food

Two-year-old's walk a bit slow.  Sometimes a parent finds themselves wanting to take his or her eyes off a child for just a second.  In that second, however, said two-year-old becomes remarkably fast.  On our first trip, we left exhausted.  Our next trip, we strategically planned lunch and an ice cream treats for the times we wanted him contained.  Fast Child did not even realize we were strapping him down as he devoured his own little bites of heaven.

One minute we’re throwing one ball into the air - teaching kids to eat right - and the next we’re tossing up another ball - keeping kids quiet, Of course, if you know anything about juggling, you know how easy it is to drop a ball.
— It's Not About the Broccoli, Dina Rose (2014, p.52)

I did not drop the "eat right" ball on our first trip.  LESSON LEARNED.  It's Not About the Broccoli has some fabulous insight, but we aren't pretending to have it all together.  Our kids will get bribed on every zoo trip ever.  In twenty years, drop by the ice cream stand at the zoo for a visit.  We will be the ones pacifying our young adults with food.

3. All the other kiddos behave better than your own.

Look around you.  See how amazingly all the other children are behaving?  I mean, look at mine blissfully asleep and observant in their stroller in a lovely photo.  The child certainly did not require bribery to get strapped.  And the littlest certainly did not cry for an eternity before drifting off.

About that.

Apparently Baby Girl had grown too large to comfortably drift off in her car-seat. The child is rarely in the beast of a thing, so we were unaware of this development.  Additionally, she was crazy over-tired and wouldn't eat (I had not yet discovered the Dholes).  She just kept screaming. With every understanding nod came a judgmental stare.  We got over that real fast. Real fast.

4. The next time will be a bit more fabulous.

And it was.


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