Buffalo, Minnesota Family Photography [Mom-Guilt]

Did my children eat enough vegetables today?  Did they even eat any?

Should I be working more to help with our finances?

Should I be working less to spend time with my children?

Is it okay that my son watches Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood? For the third time? So I can drink a cup of coffee WHILE IT IS STILL HOT. (Oh, beloved PBS, why must you break my heart with your other program selections?)

Will my children survive the lack of organized photographic documentation of the weeks we moved? My photography Project 52 turned into a Project 48.  HOW WILL THEY GO ON? What will happen when they look back in 20 years and there are four full weeks of photos that are not following given prompts?  I imagine an extreme complex will develop.  Both children will assume they were never loved and I cannot even imagine the therapy costs I will be forced to put forth.

Will my son be a lunatic all because that time I yelled at him? Ginormous things are going on in this crazy world, and I am losing sleep over that time I lost my temper at my kid for swallowing that half tube of toothpaste.  Poison control says he will be fine by they way.

I wanted to start waking up before the kids to have some quiet time and drink that hot coffee.

Jillian Michaels and I were going to rendezvous daily to get my pre-baby body back.

I was going to make a menu after picking up my CSA box weekly and have fabulous, home-cooked meals planned out for every. single. day.

My house was going to look like a freaking Pinterest board.


Don’t get me started on the garden.  The garden that will never be.

Every now and then I am just sure I’ve accepted who I am.  Time and time again, I try to let these things go.  I can’t be everything, and no one actually expects everything from me.

Except me.

Again, for the two-millionth time, I’m giving up.  I’m shopping on etsy to support women who are amazing. I’m letting my husband make dinner sometimes, because he really doesn’t mind. I’m going to exercise, but maybe I’ll just donate my pre-baby clothes. I’m going to love my family as well and I can, and let go of this first-born-I-need-to-be-perfect mindset.

Because I often feel like I'm failing everyone.  Apparently, I am the only one actually keeping score.

Week 35 of my Project 52 is that lovely picture of my boys.  The theme was "close."  This theme was applicable for the photo of my son sitting on Ryan's face as well.  Father-son love.

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