Newborn & Family Photography [Buffalo, Minnesota] - August

Newborn Photography [Maple Grove, MN]

Let me summarize the weeks after I had my children to the best of my ability.  The blissful newborn stage I had spent months dreaming about comes down to a few specific memories.

Baggy pants. Ridiculous hair. Dark under-eye circles. Baby cries. My cries.  Countless what-have-I-done thoughts.  Messy house. More tears from both mother and baby. Terrible pictures.

Nine months later, I am able adore this newborn.  It took nine months for me to recover from my own little Baby Cakes - to truly LOVE holding a teeny tiny person.  Now that I no longer am up six times a night, I am able to look at this woman and not hate her.  Why would I hate such a sweet and kind individual?  After delivering a child in the last week, sleeping one hour the previous night, and getting everyone ready for photos, she looks GORGEOUS.  But I don't hate her.  I promise.   I might be a little jealous of how fabulously she is pulling this having-a-baby-thing off.  Maybe.

And look at this new baby boy.  Little humans are so adorable, especially when you get to take pictures of them instead of feeding them one million times a night.  Those big eyes and tiny little hands make me melt.

The love for each other and their newborn little man was evident in the brief time I spent with them.  Photographing these family moments is such a privilege.

We shot this newborn session at August's great-grandparent's home.  They were so sweet to open up their lovely home for some pictures of a beautiful little babe.

Look at the little fingers.  I love baby hands and how newborns MUST have them near their face.  Ugh.  Too adorable.

Seriously.  If only my family could be so photogenic.  And I don't even have a newborn keeping me up all night.  They are adorable.

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