Ask the Photographer | Part 1 [Minneapolis, MN Lifestyle Photographer]

Frequently Asked Questions | Part 1

Someone simply had to demonstrate how to get to my camera’s menu for my interest in photography to explode.  One quite (or chaotically loud) traditional Minnesota family gathering started my obsessive love with the art of photography. I began a Project 52 immediately afterwards and photography won me over.  Now, I find myself being asked photography questions all the time and I love it! I learned shooting and editing skills using various resources, and my fierce independence presented quite a challenge.  Please, ask your questions. Make learning easier on yourself. Countless photographers (both local Twin Cities photographers, as well as around the world) will respond to email inquiries asking specific questions.

I know this is true, because I am constantly responding to questions flooding my inbox.

Because of this lovely phenomenon, I decided to post a series answering few frequently asked questions.  Welcome to Part 1!

“Would you recommend Nikon, Canon, or another brand entirely?”

Here, I will refer you to a previous post.

“I’m looking to purchase a new camera.  What camera do you use? What would you recommend?”

 Oh boy.  First of all, that’s two questions. Second, let’s chat for a second.  What exactly are you looking for in a camera?  Think priorities.

Do you want to throw it in your bag everyday?  Maybe you find yourself willing to sacrifice some amount of quality to prevent carrying a seventy-nine billion pound camera/lens set-up.  There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with choosing convenience.  Just take a moment to decide for yourself if your priority revolves around size and weight or quality image.  Then pull up Google and search, “Point-and-Shoot vs. DSLR” or “Compact vs. DSLR.”  Get lost in a huge pile of information before you spend hundreds (thousands) of your dollars.  Invest wisely.  If you purchase a bulky camera, will you ever actually use the gorgeous beast?  I haul my ginormous set-up all over Minnesota.  (I also carry two children, diapers, multiple outfits, a large purse, and what looks like the entire content of a junk drawer.  Adding a camera to the mix seems like almost nothing.)  You might not feel the same way.

Onward we move, to the lovely person itching for a DSLR. Warning, you might not be able to turn back. Do you prefer to focus on quality? What is your budget?  Are you willing to carry a larger piece of equipment? Do you intend to spend a fair amount of time in post-process? Ready to build a lens collection? Welcome to the DSLR world.  I primarily use a Canon 6D at the moment.  I purchased this camera due to its full frame awesomeness.  This baby lets in the light and I can crank my ISO pretty dang high.  Beautiful.   Don’t get me wrong, I still consider upgrades, but I’m pretty infatuated with this bad boy. I must confess my stunning piece of equipment weighs a bit, especially when paired with a decent zoom lens.  Additionally, my camera (and the nice zoom) is pretty bulky.  I’m not haphazardly tossing it in my purse or discretely whipping it out without anyone noticing.  I’m willing to sacrifice convince for quality.

Please note I’m not giving you a list of cameras to consider.  There are countless options and no shortage of reviews on each one.  You can even go all old-school and actually walk into a brick and mortar camera store and talk a human being face-to-face if you feel inclined.  Each email asks about a different person and situation.  My replies consistently ask people evaluate priorities to invest wisely.

Coming up: “What lens should I purchase?”

What photography-related questions do you have lingering?

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