Minnesota Family Photography |Collin's One-Year Pictures [Andover, MN Lifestyle Photographer]

Minnesota Family Photography|Collin One-Year Pictures [Andover, MN Lifestyle Family Photographer]

Once upon a time Charting Nurse worked on her endless computer work in the Pyxis room.  Friendly Volunteer, after completing getting water for all the patients, offered refill Charting Nurse’s Water Bottle.   She came to chat with Charting Nurse like she didn’t spend the last half-hour making nice with patients and getting the following for them:

  • Ice water.
  • Ice water that is mostly ice.
  • Just ice.
  • Warm Water.
  • Hot water.
  • Cold water with no ice.
  • A cup of water and pitcher of ice.
  • Water in a pitcher without a lid and seven straws, three cups and a popsicle.
  • Getoutofmyroom. Youaresoannoying. Whycan’tyoupeoplejustleavemealone?

She became one of Charting Nurse’s new favorite people.  Because who is that nice? Who goes out of her way to ask questions, see if she can help you, and make you feel cared for?  Susan is that nice.

Fast-forward to Susan getting an RN position on my floor.  Yay!  We are all thrilled, because we all love her already.  Across the board – loved.

Another reason I love Susan. We may have spent a fair amount of time on night shifts comparing our basal body temperature charting.   I remember her stopping me in the hallway to show me the jagged lines as we each tried to figure out if we were ever going to get pregnant (Susan with her first, I was working on #2).  Please note we absolutely did NOT use our phones for this, as that would have been inappropriate and breaking policy.  No, we certainly did not use our phones.  We had out last 90 days of temperatures memorized.

I got pregnant first, even though Susan’s chart looked far better.  Honestly, she was one of the first people I wanted to tell.  I remember lying awake trying to figure out how to gracefully handle that conversation.  I don’t pretend to struggle with infertility, but I have cried over a few negative pregnancy tests after celebrating a friend’s pregnancy announcement.  It’s a delicate subject and no one wants to make it harder on a couple.

In true form, I forget how I told her.  Likely, it was a haphazard comment at change of shift.  I do, however, remember being thrilled when I found out she was expecting Collin!  It’s been awhile since I have seen Susan, and I couldn’t have been more excited to meet her husband and baby girl! And by baby girl, I mean one-year-old.  Collin is an adorable toddler now, and I loved photographing her!

Twin Cities Family Lifestyle Photographer - One-Year Photos

I give you, an adorable baby.

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