Andover, Minnesota Family Photography

Nine sweet months old. Birth through One Year (Grow With Me) photo packages take the cake. Everyone is relaxed, I've made friends with the three year old, and I get to watch a person grow through the first year of his or her life.  The changes we go through in that year stand beyond words.  Every time I arrive at my my client's house, I long to simply sit and appreciate the remarkable development that's occurred in the last three months.

Thankfully, photography basically allows me to do that.

This little lady is long past her first birthday, but I finally shared her nine month blog.  I just couldn't keep the adorable baby-snuggle photos all to myself any longer. Drumroll, please.

I give you, Adorable Baby Photos!

Andover, MN Family Photography

Danielle Geri Long


Repeatedly selected a top Minneapolis newborn photographer, Danielle provides lifestyle photography, photographing stories throughout Minnesota. Danielle often longs for the loveliness of the Twin Cities, while savoring country life just outside Buffalo, MN.  Specializing in newborn and family photography, she adores watching families grow. Danielle and her husband are raising two delightful kids and attempting to reign in frequent over-committing, so they can do important things (like see each other and watch Netflix).  Danielle travels to Annandale, Minneapolis, St. Cloud, Plymouth, Andover, Buffalo, Monticello, and more. Contact her today at 763-670-7657.