Chocolate is often procured using slave labor. Frequently, child slave labor. It could have been my children.

I could have been born on the other side of the world.  My children, my family, the ones I love could have been forced into slavery. Excuse me while I cry.

How did I not realize this before? Human-trafficking has always equated to sex-trafficking in my mind.  While sex-trafficking is beyond horrific, I typically cannot see my money going directly into the industry. Chocolate?  I spend some cold hard cash on chocolate.

While going about the completely overwhelming process of researching where my money could be ending up in the hands of human-traffickers, I began thinking beyond slavery.  Could I spend money in a way where I not only avoid slavery, but promote living wages? Friends, I have SO much to learn. 

On this learning journey, I stumbled upon Noonday Collection.  I AM IN LOVE.  So in love.  After weeks of thinking and praying about this company, I am jumping into it!  Hello ladies, I am your local Noonday Ambassador.

Noonday Collection provides living wages to artisans around the world and creates pathways from poverty and the products are GORGEOUS.  By purchasing fabulous accessories and shouting on the rooftops about this company, we are creating a marketplace for vulnerable artisans to sell their products.  So many things about this company are incredible.  As I learn more, I believe in it more.  Trust me, you will too. 

Interested helping to vulnerable by providing economic opportunity? Ask me about Noonday Collection. Check out the stunning catalog, visit my website, give me a call.  Better yet, host a party.  Share this product with your people.  This is a cause we can get behind, and look spectacular while doing it.